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An Open letter to Dominic


My first born and my first real love. Everyday you surprise me with how much you are growing. It’s hard to imagine my life before you, I never knew how much I needed you until the day you were born. You have taught me so much patience and I have so much admiration for you. You are one of the strongest kids I know. Your brain may be wired differently but you don’t let your struggles defeat you. You are such a loving human and although we seem to be going through a rough age I know you will grow up to be one of the kindest people there is. I hope as you get older you hold onto that creativity that you are overflowing with. It fills my heart with happiness when I watch you and your little brother and sister play together. I hope when you are all grown you remain close and the best of friends. The future still has a lot of unknowns but one thing I know for sure is you’re going to be great kid, I look forward to watching you grow into the amazing man I know you will be.

I love you,



10 wishes I have for my kids

When you become a parent it’s like something inside you is awakened. You have this new found love that you never imagined possible and a primal urge to do anything and everything you can to protect that child.

From the moment they’re born you begin to wonder about their future. What will they be when they grow up, will they want to move away, will they get married and have children? Wherever they go in life I hope that they have these 10 things.

Self love. I hope they learn to love themselves first and foremost.

Understanding. For themselves and for others.

Patience. Not everything happens right when we want it to and that’s okay.

Kindness. There isn’t enough in this world and I’m a firm believer in the quote “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Integrity. Doing what’s right is important, and we must do it even when it’s hard.

Creativity. Thinking outside of the box can get you far in life.

Health. Take care of yourselves physically and emotionally, it’s so important.

Sense of wonder. You all have it and my hope is that you never lose it.

Passion. Find things that make you feel alive and keep doing them.

Appreciation. Don’t forget to appreciate what you have and don’t ever miss an opportunity to let someone know you appreciate them.

I’m sure there are a lot more things that can be added to this list but I think these things are a great start and my hope is they are able to build a great life from them.

Cleaning, the never ending story.

Let me start off by saying I’m almost positive there are more then five people living in my house. Some days our house looks like the aftermath of a frat party and I just don’t even know where to begin. Some days I feel like cleaning is a lost between having fibromyalgia and the 3 tiny tornados leaving a path of destruction everywhere they go. Seriously where the hell did they get all of these toys from and how do they still have so many when I swore I threw like half of them away?!

My mom helps where she can while she watches the kids and my husband does what he can too but I’m pretty well known for wanting to take everything on myself and would most often prefer to keel over than ask for help. I mean really if I could have the house to myself for one whole day it would look immaculate, at least until the tornados were unleashed again.

Some nights once the kids are all in bed I come out and actually get a lot done, I think I have come to terms with the fact that I will never get all of the laundry put away though. It’s amazing how much clothes a family of five owns. There are some days where it really gets to me and others where I’m just like whatever. I know one day the kids will be grown and the house will empty and easier to maintain. I’m sure there will be times where I will long for the days of toys and gogurt tubes I find behind the couch pillows, okay maybe not the gogurts but you get where I’m going with this. Until then I will do my best to stay one step ahead of the monsters and maybe even do better at assigning duties and sharing the workload, maybe.