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The chocolate milk crisis.

My mornings during the week start at about 5:00 AM. An early shift is great for having time to spend with my kids but man is it hard to get going that early. This morning Ukiah times himself perfectly with my alarm. I can see his shape in the dark and hear the half asleep request for chocolate milk. This kid loves chocolate milk like no other and because he has struggled with food his doctor says give it pretty much whenever he asks because he needs the calories.

So I stumble half asleep to his room to get his cup and head for the kitchen to make it. I’m doing all of this in the dark because Alice is asleep on the couch. (My mom comes over early to watch her so my husband can get enough sleep before he goes to work.) I open the fridge and my god I do not see the chocolate anywhere. I just bought some yesterday and made him some before bed but it has somehow disappeared. I am ‘trying’ to quietly dig through the fridge with no such luck. Finally I decide I’m going to have to give up because the responsible adult that I am sleeps until the very last minute and I now have to make a mad dash to get ready for work and since the universe has a vendetta against me I am realizing I did not pack my pump nor did I lay out my clothes.

I walk back to his room and tell him I just can’t find it anywhere so he will have to wait. Instant tears, have you ever tried to get a four year old to cry quieter? It doesn’t work. So here I am pleading with him to stop crying, telling him we can go buy more when I get home. I put his “sleep lotion” on him and he lays back down. I B line it for the bathroom and start to get ready. Not five minutes later I hear crying. I go back in there and he is upset about the chocolate milk again and wants to go look in the fridge himself because he swears he saw it. There’s no way this is happening as I don’t need everyone the house to wake up. Deciding to choose my battles wisely and not cause a meltdown that will wake everyone up I go back to the fridge to look again.

Somehow it ended up behind a container of potato salad and a head of lettuce, I blame my husband as I’m sure he was digging in there at some point last night and moved it. Never the less I’ve found it. Once I bring it to him all is right with the world. I walk him across the hall to crawl into bed with his dad and he is out. I ended up only being 10 minutes late for work, not even sure how I managed to pull that one off but I’ll take it!


An Open Letter to Alice


My baby girl, the piece that completed our family. This first year with you has been an amazing one. I’ve never been around another baby quite like you. You are so full of life and personality already. You know what you want and are already so stubborn! I mean you were the only one out of three I had to be induced with 😉. You are so full of love and wonder watching you discover the world around you has been a privilege. You are so funny and weird already it’s fantastic. You are adored by your brother who I know will protect you but I know you will protect them too. I’m excited to watch you grow into the strong amazing woman I know you’ll be and although raising a daughter in this world is scary I know you are a force to be reckoned with and you will be just fine.

An Open letter to Dominic


My first born and my first real love. Everyday you surprise me with how much you are growing. It’s hard to imagine my life before you, I never knew how much I needed you until the day you were born. You have taught me so much patience and I have so much admiration for you. You are one of the strongest kids I know. Your brain may be wired differently but you don’t let your struggles defeat you. You are such a loving human and although we seem to be going through a rough age I know you will grow up to be one of the kindest people there is. I hope as you get older you hold onto that creativity that you are overflowing with. It fills my heart with happiness when I watch you and your little brother and sister play together. I hope when you are all grown you remain close and the best of friends. The future still has a lot of unknowns but one thing I know for sure is you’re going to be great kid, I look forward to watching you grow into the amazing man I know you will be.

I love you,