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18 summers

I saw a meme this morning that says “We get 18 delicious summers with our children. This is one of your 18. If that’s not perspective I don’t know what is.” Boy they weren’t kidding because that definitely puts a whole lot of things in perspective. 18 years really isn’t that long, not when you look it in time spent with your children. Sure they will still be around after they become adults, we’ll maybe, unless they go off to college, decide to travel the world, or maybe decide the need a change in scenery. Even if they do stay close it won’t be like it was when they were in your home. Becoming a parent changes you, it’s kind of like you branch off of your original self into this kind of the same but kind of new person. You experience a love like no other, you develop an attachment to this tiny human you’ve created and that attachment will grow stronger and you grow together. Your child will grow into their own person and you will grow into the person you’re now meant to be and then one day they will be off on their own and you will branch off from your new self and change into the post child version of yourself.

Summers are meant to be fun but man can they be exhausting. If you have school age children, your food bill will surely increase as will the need to find things to occupy them. Three months is a long time to have to entertain someone! Not that you need to do things everyday but surely you will want them to have fun. Summers are a great time for making memories, whether it’s camping, arts and crafts, family vacations, or the movies, we recently went to the drive in and it was a blast. I absolutely recommend seeing Toy Story 4 and the new Aladdin (my new favorite live action remake). Whatever you decide to do, the fact that you are spending time with your kids and making memories is what’s important. I know as parents we all joke well okay half joke about being ready for kids to go back to school by the time August hits. A structured routine and not being eaten out of house and home definitely have their benefits but when you put it into perspective 18 summers isn’t really that many. When our kids are grown we’re going to cherish all the memories we made and probably wish we had time to make more.

Parenting is such an emotional whirlwind, it hard and it’s exhausting, but it’s also beautiful and rewarding. It’s okay to be tired or to not want to spend every waking moment with your kids, it’s even okay to be ready for them to go back to school, just don’t forget to slow down. Put the phone down, take them all in, be present, and make memories. Make the most of the time that you have with them, 18 years sounds like a long time but when your kids are grown and off living their own lives there’s going to be times where you will miss them being little, miss their smell, and being able to still pick them up. You’ll miss taking them to the park, or the crazy trips to the drive in, you might even wish you had just one more summer.

Time flies

It’s crazy to think that tomorrow is Christmas and then a week later 2019 begins. The year really seems to have flown by. Looking back it’s definitely been a mixed bag of good times and bad. On one hand we’ve dealt with sickness and trips to the hospital, on the other we got to do wonderful things like introduce the kids to the amazingness that is Disneyland.

Our extended family has grown with the birth of babies and friendships have been mended while others seem to have dissolved. The baby can walk and climb now. The boys are continuing to grow and find themselves. They also continue to grow on my last nerve 😬 Don’t worry though my sanity was lost long ago so at least we don’t have to worry about me losing my mind anymore than I already have.

Some things I’m looking forward to in 2019 are more trips to Disneyland, obviously 😉 all the amazing movies set to come out, especially Star Wars and Avengers, my soon to be five year old starting school, seriously this kid needs it, making more ears, and continuing to blog and get to meet more wonderful people because of it.

How was your year? What are you most looking forward to? Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.

The last one

Let’s talk about the last one, no not the last potato chip, not the last piece of cake, the last baby. I’ve read articles recently and heard people talk about how sad they are to be done having children. All the last firsts and the newborn cuddles that will never happen again. Now I’m not knocking anyone for feeling this way I just feel differently.

See I’m done having children and I am 100% okay with that. Three was the magic number for me, our daughter, who is currently 13 months old, completed our family and while I am enjoying the baby stage I’m not going to miss it. The baby stage is hard, the sleepless nights, the endless diapers, the fear of choking, seriously I swear this kid has a small object detector. I’m not complaining about these things (except the choking) but I’m not necessarily going to miss them either.

People seems to dwell on the things they’ll never experience again but I’m excited for all the things we will. I can’t wait to get to do things with all my kids that they’ll all remember. To watch their personalities grow and change. Shit I’m excited to be able to drive somewhere without stressing about whether or not the baby will make it there with out having a meltdown and we’ll have to pull over.

I’m ready to enjoy my kids, all of them together. Not that I don’t enjoy them now but with a baby it gets kind of hard to evenly distributed the attention. Babies just need you more at times for the first bit. I will always cherish the moments of memories of meeting my children for the first time, snuggling their tiny bodies, and watching them start to explore their world but I’m not sad that time is coming to an end.

I will never have another newborn, or experience first words, or first steps but there will be a lot of other firsts that I am so excited for. First days of school, first time riding a bike, first dates, first jobs, the list goes on. Hopefully if you are someone who has had your last you’ll remember there will still be a lot of firsts. It’s okay to be sad about it but it’s also okay not to be. A chapter is ending but the book isn’t done, there’s still so much left to be written.