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Disney character quiz.

Changing it up a bit. I found this fun Disney quiz. I got 94 out of 811. How many can you get? Leave a comment down below with your score.


We didn’t decorate for Christmas this year

We didn’t decorate for Christmas this year, like at all. The horror right?! If we’re being honest I still have a few Halloween decorations up. To be fair they are behind glass that you need to use a screw driver to open and who has time for that?

I love Christmas time I really do, and I love seeing all the lights and the magical feeling you get from looking at your tree in the evening sitting there all lit up and pretty but let’s be real, decorating can be a pain in the butt. You have to go in the attic and pull everything out, go out in the rain and cold to pick out a tree hoping it doesn’t bring any friends along with it. One of you has to try and screw the tree into the damn tree stand while the other (me) has to try and hold it (I’m 5’4″) and make sure it’s straight. If you still want to stay married after putting up the tree you have something real. If you decorate the outside of your house then you(or my husband) has to try and climb up the ladder to hang the lights without dying.

The end result is definitely beautiful but if you have kids especially a toddler (see destructive 1 year old) it just might not be worth it. A Christmas tree may as well be called choking hazard tree if you have littles and I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. Some of you may be saying my poor children are missing out on the magic of Christmas but don’t worry they’re not. There will still be presents, only three each but presents none the less. Disneyland was a huge Christmas present this year so don’t feel bad for the minimal gifts or the lack of decorations I promise you they got their fill of the holiday magic and where better to get that than the happiest place on earth?

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was magical, seriously add Disneyland during the holidays to your bucket list. The crowds are totally worth it.

Christmas at home this year will definitely be low key as far decorations and presents go but we will get to spend it together and I think being able to spend Christmas with your family is where the real magic is. Who knows maybe next year we’ll go all out with a big ole tree and the house dressed with all those beautiful lights or maybe we’ll just go back to Disneyland, anything’s possible.

We’re back!

After an almost week long vacation we’re home. There’s definitely some mixed feelings that come along with being back. On one hand it’s nice to sleep in my own bed and to have an in person conversation with my mom again but on the other hand I couldn’t help thinking to myself as I was grocery shopping today that I’d rather be weaving through the crowd at Disneyland instead of Winco.

Overall the vacation went pretty well, we made it to the airport on time and Alice barely fussed on the flight. We didn’t pay for three Lyfts before we got one big enough this time. In case you were wondering you have about two minutes to cancel before you have to pay a fee, we learned that the hard way last time.

Day 1

Our first day at Disneyland turned out to be a short one. We new rain was in the forecast but being from the Pacific Northwest we’re used to the rain so didn’t think much of it. We headed straight for the Haunted Mansion as soon as we got there. It’s currently Nightmare before Christmas themed and it was pretty amazing.

From there we headed for the Matterhorn, we didn’t get to do either of these rides over the summer because they were closed so we were crazy excited to do them this time around. After about any hour of being there the light rain turned into a torrential downpour. Like flash flood warning type of rain. So we ran over to Earl of Sandwich and then headed for the bus stop. We waiting a good half hour for the bus and by the time we got back to our room we all looked like we’d taken a dip in the pool fully clothed.

Day 2

For our second day we did California Adventure open to close. I learned a few things that day, I think the Grizzly River Run may be my favorite ride, the Incredicoaster was a one time thing for me (yes my 11 year old is so much braver than I am) the Ferris Wheel, while having a beautiful view, is a terrible mistake when you have a major fear of heights, and consistency can sometimes be a problem. Ukiah was allowed to ride the Grizzly River Run about five times that day, his last time he rode with me and then went right back to ride with my husband (water rides have like no lines if it’s less than 70 degrees I swear) and this time right before he got on a cast member pulled out a measuring stick and he turned out to be like half an inch too short. He was heartbroken.

Thankfully we were able to cheer him up and we still had a lot of fun that night.

Day 3

This was a break day. We hung out a bit at Downtown Disney and then went back to the hotel for movies and video games. I absolutely recommend a break day if you are going for more than two days.

Days 4 & 5

Both of these days were spent at Disneyland and kind of blur together. We did lunch at Cafe Orleans which had some pretty great food. Just be prepared to spend a good amount of money. We did Fantasmic which was amazing, make sure you get tickets for the reserved seating if you plan to do this. By the end of the fifth day we were all pretty sore and exhausted.

I didn’t get to do all of the rides I wanted to do but we still had an amazing time and we hope to go back in May so those will be the first one on my to do list. If you’re planning a trip here’s a few tips:

Fast Pass. Absolutely take the time to get fast passes. Wait times for some rides like Radiator Springs can get up to 2 hours and I am not exaggerating. You can only have one at time though so choose wisely and don’t get one in the morning that you can’t use until the evening unless you don’t plan to get any others.

Child Swap. If you have children that are too small to go on a ride definitely do child swap. The way child sway works is one parent and whoever else that is going to be going on the ride first gets a fast pass. You let the cast meme we at that ride know you’re going to be doing child swap and they will scan the other parents ticket essentially giving them a fast pass as well. As soon as the first parent gets off the ride they take the child who’s too little and the second parent gets in the fast pass line.

Bring snacks and water. There are a lot of places to eat while you’re there but it adds up quickly. You can expect to pay $40 for lunch for you’re family of 5 easily.

Despite the crowds and prices of things, Disneyland is truly a magically place. If done right, you can pretty much do it all in a few days or less depending on if you have kids and the stamina to spend an entire day there. I’m definitely happy to be in the comfort of my own home but I also cannot wait to go back!