Toy Story

No I’m not talking about the Pixar movie, there’s no Woody and Buzz in this story. Well there is a Buzz phone that some how in the last 9 years has survived without needing the batteries changed, I’m pretty sure the thing is cursed. I guess the more appropriate title for this blog is toy nightmare. Eleven years and three kids later the toys have taken over and I’m not even sure how it happened. It’s like you get rid of one and three more appear.

We’ve lived in our house for almost 5 years now. In that five years the toys have managed to spread from the living room to the kids rooms, the now playroom, and our garage. To be fair the big box of toys in the garage are there because I’ve slowly started putting them out there so they will make their way to Goodwill, I just really suck at taking things to Goodwill. Since turning our office into a playroom the living room isn’t quite as bad, it’s mostly Alices toys since she can’t be in the playroom alone. The real nightmare is the boys rooms. Somehow their closets have become homes to an ungodly amount of toys. I don’t even know how they got there or where the hell the came from. I’m convinced that whoever is taking my socks and Tupperware lids are leaving toys in their place. Just the other night I found myself sneaking happy meal and other unnecessary “toys” into my pockets as I was putting my five year old to bed. My hoodie was full of them by the time I left his room. On the plus side he surprised me that night but cleaning his room without me asking him too. It was during the time he should have been in bed but I was so impressed I let it slide.

So how did we get here? Well when you have one kid on the spectrum who goes through different phases of obsession and collecting stuff you end up with a lot of toys. You should see our ninja turtle and car collection it’s insane. Throw in two more kids with lots of family and friends to shower them with gifts, one gift being a box of years worth of happy meal toys (they are still not forgiven for that one) and suddenly your surrounded. On the bright side as they are getting older they are more into books, video and board games, and family vacations so we have really cut down on toys being gifts. So what do we now that we can put Toy R Us to shame? I’m thinking a yard sale this summer May be in order. Maybe the incentive of getting money for their things will make it easier to give em up. If not mama will just have to get her butt in gear and start making those trips to Goodwill!

Anyone else living in the horror edition of Toy Story? How do you manage to keep from being consumed?

2 thoughts on “Toy Story”

  1. Oh my gosh! I feel this so much! Currently we are inundated with all things Ghostbusters! On top of all things Lego, on top of all things Thomas the train. I need to take a bag and just donate the toys he doesn’t play with!! One day!


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