Just a day

Today I have decided to do something a little different. Instead of writing a full blog post I’m going to do a day in my life told by pictures post. It’s just a plain old Monday so prepare for exciting pictures of me at work, and my kids, and the things I do to keep my sanity. I figured it might be fun to give you a little peak into my life.

So at first I was going to take a “this is what I look like when I wake up picture,” then I decided I wanted you to actually get through the whole post and not scare you away so we will just skip that part. Seriously 3 kids plus insomnia, nobody needs to see that. Instead here’s a few, that’s right I said a few, of my alarms that go off well before the sun comes up.

My shift starts bright and early at 5:30AM. Now you’re probably looking at my alarms and thinking to yourself “how in the world does she make it work on time?” Well, 1. I live like seven minutes away from where I work. 2. I lay my clothes out the night before and basically roll out of bed, get dressed, and walk out the door. Ain’t nobody got time for makeup at 5 in the morning. Well somebody does, but I am not that somebody.

Here’s a glimpse of my desk. If I were to do a panoramic picture you’d see my walls are covered in photos and Disney tickets and passes.

My super amazing lunch, more like I forgot to bring lunch so I stopped at the market in my way to work.

Part of what I do is create content for our social media accounts. Here a #MondayMotivation quote I was working on.

Finally home and spending time with my daughter. My boys ran away to play Nintendo. Who need your mom when you have Smash Bros.

There’s no such thing as alone time when you have a one year old.

Shopping for dinner is always a blast.

Taco soup came out pretty good.

Mommy’s cleaning which means it’s a perfect time to start playing.

And she’s out. Taking up more of the bed than she needs as always.

It was a pretty uneventful day for us. Next ‘Day in the life’ post will be in a few months when we head on back down to Disneyland so stay tuned. Have a great week and as always thanks for reading.

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