Dear diary

Today was one of those days. My boys exposed and stomped on every nerve I have, my daughter has cried and thrown more fits than ever, my demons (see anxiety/bipolar) put up an extra hard fight, I didn’t get even half the stuff I wanted done today, and the list goes on. It’s definitely been a count the minutes to bedtime type of day. Even that is kind of a catch 22 since I’m dreading tomorrow being Monday already.

On days like today I try and sit and think about the good things to try and drown out the bad. I’m lucky to have healthy beautiful kids even though they’ve been assholes, I have a house, and a job, my demons fought but they didn’t win, my kids lost cartoon privileges so we spent the day watching the Mummy and Solo which they ended up enjoying. Parenting win am I right?

Anyway I’m not really sure what the point of this post was, writing is kind of a release I guess and maybe someone who reads this has a shitty day and now they know they’re not alone? As always thanks for reading even posts like these where it’s just kind of me rambling on.

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