Finding your tribe.

In this day and age I think it’s fairly common for expecting moms to join a birth club. It’s always nice to have a group of women going through what you’re going through. They’re there to give you advice, listen you vent, share in your pain, and know exactly how it feels to be in the last 150 years of pregnancy.

Things can definitely get crazy in birth clubs there’s no doubt about that. Topics of discipline, vaccines, and circumcision will come up and there will most definitely be arguments so don’t forget the popcorn. You will find amazing women and some that their sanity may be questionable, and if you’re lucky you will find your tribe.

When I was pregnant with my second child I found my way to Baby Center and joined the December baby birth club. It most definitely had its share of drama and hormonal crazy women but it also had some of the most amazing ladies I’ve ever talked to. I am lucky enough to say I found my tribe. Apart from one, I haven’t met any of these women in person but I could tell you so much about them. I consider them some of my greatest friends. My son turned five last week and. They are still around.

We’ve since moved on from Baby Center but thanks to good old Facebook we are able to talk regularly and keep up with each other’s lives. We became friends before our children were born and now in a sense we get to watch them all grow up. If you are lucky enough to find your tribe don’t ever let them go and don’t ever underestimate the importance of your internet friends. I know for me they have always been there and I have a feeling they always will be. Some day when our kids are all grown we will totally take that vacation we have always talked about 😉.

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