We didn’t decorate for Christmas this year

We didn’t decorate for Christmas this year, like at all. The horror right?! If we’re being honest I still have a few Halloween decorations up. To be fair they are behind glass that you need to use a screw driver to open and who has time for that?

I love Christmas time I really do, and I love seeing all the lights and the magical feeling you get from looking at your tree in the evening sitting there all lit up and pretty but let’s be real, decorating can be a pain in the butt. You have to go in the attic and pull everything out, go out in the rain and cold to pick out a tree hoping it doesn’t bring any friends along with it. One of you has to try and screw the tree into the damn tree stand while the other (me) has to try and hold it (I’m 5’4″) and make sure it’s straight. If you still want to stay married after putting up the tree you have something real. If you decorate the outside of your house then you(or my husband) has to try and climb up the ladder to hang the lights without dying.

The end result is definitely beautiful but if you have kids especially a toddler (see destructive 1 year old) it just might not be worth it. A Christmas tree may as well be called choking hazard tree if you have littles and I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. Some of you may be saying my poor children are missing out on the magic of Christmas but don’t worry they’re not. There will still be presents, only three each but presents none the less. Disneyland was a huge Christmas present this year so don’t feel bad for the minimal gifts or the lack of decorations I promise you they got their fill of the holiday magic and where better to get that than the happiest place on earth?

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was magical, seriously add Disneyland during the holidays to your bucket list. The crowds are totally worth it.

Christmas at home this year will definitely be low key as far decorations and presents go but we will get to spend it together and I think being able to spend Christmas with your family is where the real magic is. Who knows maybe next year we’ll go all out with a big ole tree and the house dressed with all those beautiful lights or maybe we’ll just go back to Disneyland, anything’s possible.

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