The things they don’t warn you about.

Deciding to have children is a huge and exciting life changing decision. I’m laughing to myself right now because my phone tried changing exciting to exhausting which yes it is also an exhausting decision but exciting none the less. Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing, as a mother carrying another person inside of you and going through labor and birth is like nothing else. However there is so much they don’t earn you about.

Love. The love you feel is like nothing you’ve ever felt. You may think you know what love is but that feeling is nothing compared to the love you discover when you have a child. You think romantic love can make you do crazy things? Wait until you have a child. That primal instinct will kick in and it will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. There is no one else in this world you would die for the second you meet them.

Pain. The pain that comes along with being a parent is something not talked about. You will never worry about another human the way you worry about your children. From the moment they are born there are worries. Will they be healthy? Will they be happy? Will they be safe?The list goes on and on. The worries will at times keep you up at night. When I had my first child I would lay awake at night just watching his chest ride and fall because I was sure if I closed my eyes something would happen to him. The thing with loving so much is that you are just that much more terrified of the what if’s.

Worry. Whether they are a newborn, teenager, or adult you’re ALWAYS going to worry about them. Will they be healthy? Will they be happy? Will the world treat them fairly? The questions are never ending. Will I be enough? Am I a good mom? When you become a parent you will question yourself more that you ever thought was possible.

Sadness. Your kids will hurt your feelings, that’s inevitable. They tell you you’re mean or that they hate you. Deep down you’ll know they don’t mean it but it’s still going to hurt when they say it. It’s inevitable that they too will hurt. Whether it’s a bully or a broken heart someone will hurt they and it’s going to hurt you too.

The good absolutely 100% out weighs the bad when it comes to becoming a parent. I wouldn’t change it for the world but we can’t pretend it does come with its own challenges and heartbreak. You will never experience stronger emotions than those you feel as a parent, both good and bad. There will be a lot of uncertainty that comes along with it but I will tell you thing, there will never be a question as to whether or not it was worth it.

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