No sick days

Today I’m home with a migraine. I get them quite often but some days I just can’t power through. Unfortunately being home sick doesn’t mean much rest is going to happen. Having two kids under five days one of them being only one means I can’t just snooze on the couch while they play.

They were up and ready to go at 7:00AM and my oldest has to catch the bus at 7:25AM which means I had to get the littles dressed and put on pants myself so we could walk him outside. After that it’s breakfast and then play time in the living room. At least now I can put up the gate and close the door so the baby can’t roam free around the house.

I’m currently laying on the floor halfway under a blanket to try and keep the light out while my kids play, hoping my daughter will be ready for her nap soon. Of course me being on the floor means she would rather spend her time trying to sit or step on my head. Just minutes ago she laid on my face and then managed to pinch my eyelid. I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced having your eyelid pinched but dear god does it hurt.

When she is finally ready to nap I will hopefully get to nap with her as long as my 4 year old doesn’t need anything. He’s spent the morning repeatedly asking me for a sucker, like sorry little dude but it’s not even 10:00AM yet.

When you’re a parent true sick days a far and few between. There are times when my mom is able to come over and I can sneak off and sleep. If my husband is here he will try and occupy the kids as well but when they know mom is here it’s hard to keep them out of my room.

Thankfully as I write this my daughter has come to lay with me meaning she is ready to sleep so now I can have a break too. As always thanks for reading my ramblings about the life of parenting.

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