The best things about parenting

Having children is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not someone should have them. It’s definitely not for everyone and that’s okay. For me, I always knew I wanted to have kids. Fast forward to being 20 years old, and my first child was born. 

There really aren’t any words that can quite explain the feeling you get meeting your child for the first time. Guaranteed the quickest you will ever fall in love with another human. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from I just met you to I would literally die for you. I know that not everyone has this feeling right away I’m just speaking on my personal experience.

Fast forward again to present day. I now have three amazing kids. Watching them all grow is definitely one of the best things about parenting. You get to help mold the next generation. It’s a huge responsibility but also a huge honor.

Another great thing about parenting is firsts. Whether it’s the first word or first step, getting to experience these things with your child is one of the best feelings ever. One of my favorite firsts was Dominic’s first trip to the movies. A friend and I took him to see Cars 2 and he loved it. He was so excited I think he stood through the whole movie.

There are so many things that make being a parent one of the best jobs in the world. Whether is family vacations or sitting around the house watching tv together oh and let’s not forget baby laughs, tell me a better sound than a baby laugh. For me, my favorite would have to be the unconditional love of your children. My boys are always telling me how much they love me and my daughter lights up and runs for me the second I walk through the door.

Parenting definitely has its share of hardships and struggles but that’s a post for another time. For today I’m all about how lucky I feel to have children of my own. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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