Worst moment of the week.

Yes I know it’s the beginning of the week so it seems a little premature to be writing a post called “worst moment of the week” but I’m pretty certain there won’t be anything worse.

Tonight as I’m doing dishes, Alice is eating in her high chair and the boys are having a snack while watching PJ Masks in the living room. Ukiah comes to me to open his meat and cheese we got at Walmart earlier so I do and he goes back to watch tv. A few minutes later I hear what sounds like gagging. I glance at Alice since she was eating rice and she’s fine. That’s when I hear it, “mom he’s choking!” I turn around to see Ukiah holding his throat hunched over and Dominic smacking his back in a panic.

Ukiah has had a lot of issues with eating since he was a baby. Gagging is nothing new, usually it’s a texture thing, but not this time. This time his face is red and he is terrified and I can’t get it out and I start panicking. I know they say don’t panic in situations like this but when you’re actually there and it’s happening, when your four year old can’t breathe and what you’re doing isn’t helping you panic.

My husband is in the back room so I start screaming for him. I pick Ukiah up and start to run for a back. His dad comes flying out of the room as I’m screaming that he’s choking and at this point his face is purple. There is no greater fear than the fear of your child dying. I was ready to call 911 but it would take time for them to get there and when you can’t breathe you don’t have time.

Thankfully his dad was able to get the meat dislodged from his throat and Ukiah is fine. He told me tonight that he’s lucky and I don’t think he really comprehends how lucky he really is. It’s been four hours since this happened and I still feel sick to my stomach. Needless to say he is no longer allowed to eat meat sticks.

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