Girls are so different.

For 10 years I was a boy mom and I was totally okay with that. I was basically a Tomboy growing up, I climbed trees and played in the mud. So boys are kind of just what I knew. We could wrestle and get dirty and I was okay with that. Then along came Alice.

So I love makeup though I’m often too lazy to wear it. I’m usually a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl, you should see how many Star Wars shirts I own it’s well over a dozen. Anyway my point is I’ve never been much of a girlie girl, then I had a daughter. Suddenly my life consists of swimming in pink and unicorns and omg she needs just one more bow and do those pants really have glitter?

She is just the cutest damned thing I can’t help but buy her all the cute shit. Like today for example I bought her a unicorn chair, a unicorn chair! Honestly it’s pretty freakin cut and she loves it so totally worth the $30 but I never saw myself buying these things. On top of all the girlie stuff I am suddenly swimming in her personality is so strong already. She demands the attention of the room and it’s something I never experienced with her brothers. Now the world can be a scary place especially when you’re a girl but this girl right here, she’s got such a strong personality I know she’ll be alright.

She’s only a year old but I can already tell how different it’s going to be raising her compared to her brothers. She does things I swear they never did at this age it blows my mind. She is so stubborn and knows what she wants I am nervous for her teenage years but I can’t wait to watch her grow into the amazing woman I know she’ll be.

For those of you with boys and girls, what differences did you notice between the two?

2 thoughts on “Girls are so different.”

  1. Girls really are different, I have two boys and one girl and she makes herself known. Her opinions are strong and unyielding and just you wait, the girly glitter obsession just gets stronger lol

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