Insomnia is a bitch

So here I sit, it’s currently 11:11PM knowing damn well I have to be to work at 5:30AM. What is wrong with me?! I know I need sleep, I’m exhausted given the fact my daughter spent half the night awake last night. But even through exhaustion insomnia persists. It laughs at me as I sit here questioning how I can be so wide awake and dead tired at the same time.

Thankfully tomorrow is Friday at least. I just need to make it through the day and then it’s the weekend. Currently everyone in my house is asleep which is prime time for me to actually get some but no, as usual my brain is on overdrive and I’ve got thoughts running through my head a million miles a minute. Stuff from what will my next post be about, to what ears do I want to make next all the way to I hope my kids remain healthy and happy. It’s funny how all over the place we can be.

I’m really not even sure where I am going with this post, I just assume some of you are probably in a similar situation and I wanted to say you’re not alone. Wide awake? Leave a comment, I do my best to always reply. Tell me what keeps you up at night, is it the wonders of the universe or maybe you have a test in the morning. I’ve had insomnia for years but some nights like tonight are especially hard. There’s been so much running through my head lately that my brain is always like go go go!

On the bright side one of the major things on my mind tonight is we have about 19 days lefts until we fly back to Cali and experience all that is Christmas time at Disney. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for all that. Seriously I may even be more excited than my kids! On top of Disney there is of course the more important stuff but honestly half the time I sit here wondering how the hell I can be wide awake and so tired at the same time. It’s almost comically how someone so tired lies awake thinking about how tired they are.

Anyway I’m probably rambling now. Things suddenly pop in my head and I’m like hey I need to blog that like now. I was reading Stan Lee quotes for work today and I rad something like he writes better under pressure and I totally relate to that. I don’t know how many times I stress about not having anything to say and then BAM a whole post pops in my head.

Well I guess I should try and get at least some sleep now. My alarm is just waiting to strike 4:39 and wake me up and I’m so not ready for that. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment with questions or opinions if you so desire.

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