404 sanity not found.

Now I love my kids, I really do. They are my world and I would die for them but holy shit do they drive me batty some days. The reality of parenting is that it’s hard I mean really hard and parts of it suck.

My kids are amazing, they are smart, creative, and really care about people which I think is super important. Some days though, they can be assholes. Yes I said it and you’re lying to yourself if you think kids can’t be assholes, I mean they are human after all and the prerequisite of becoming a human is taking a course in asshologly 101.

I don’t know about your kids but mine have found my buttons and some days I think they wake up and ask themselves just how many can they push. Take my four year old, I’m pretty sure he’s going to find himself a job in politics because he’s a good talker but man some days he is just full of it. He has no problem dishing out the alternative facts. You can watch him do something and he will still look you in the face and tell you he didn’t do it.

Then there’s my 11 year old, although he has a hard time understanding sarcasm somehow this does not prevent him from being quite good at it. Some days I want to smack him and others I’m quite impressed. He started middle school this year which I’m sure only amplifies the attitude.

Now little miss Alice is only one so she gets a pass for the most part but by the way she makes eye contact with you and smiles before throwing her bowl of food on the floor I can tell she’s going to fit right in with her brothers.

There are some days I’m pretty sure they have morning meetings and decide they are all going to band together to stomp my last nerve into oblivion. Those days are quite exhausting and we seem to have a lot of them lately. I think being four and a preteen are both hard ages so to have both happening at the same time is sometimes a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully these hard days don’t last and we just have to power through them. On the extra rough days when they’ve been kind of awful I like to look in on them after they’ve fallen asleep and it makes my heart happy again.

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