Best moment this week.

My life is generally a mix of stress and chaos, not that I’m complaining that’s just the way it is and pretty much always has been. Honestly I don’t think I would know how to function as a normal adult with a more easy going life. One thing I try and do is look back each week and pick a moment or two that made me happy and I think that is what keeps me going.

This past Sunday I decided I needed more things to do that I enjoy. I think sometimes as a wife, mom, and person who works outside the home we forget about ourselves and to do things that we actually want to do. So I watched a YouTube video (thanks Sierra Schultzzie) and drug my kids and mom out to the craft store so I could buy everything I need to make my own Minnie Ears. Minnie Ears are probably one of my favorite things, I have to get a new pair every time we go to Disneyland and even have friends get them for me when they go (you should my hallway). That day I started on them and so far have made two pairs and they don’t look too bad!  Once I get more confident in my abilities I plan to sell them on Esty but in the mean time I just really enjoy making them. I have even had a few people request I make them some so I must be doing something right!

Although something like making ears isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things, it’s just enough to look back on and say “hey this week wasn’t all terrible” and give me hope that maybe next week won’t be all that bad either.

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